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Elementary Directory

Elementary Teacher Directory

 CALL:  918.827.6100 + the extension listed next to the name
 EMAIL:  Click the email address below each name

Jerry Hurst, Principal     Elem

Gail Morgan, Secretary     ext. 171     Elem

Audra Broadhead, Counselor     ext. 273     MS

Laurie Hurst, Librarian     ext. 160     Elem

Dannette Clay, Pre-K     ext. 136     Elem

Janet English, First Grade     ext. 139     Elem

Kaye Fisher, ISP     ext. 418     ISP

Lindsey Ginesi, SpEd     Ext. 246     MS

Dawn Keller, Second Grade     ext. 148     Elem

Kim Lucas, Kindergarten     ext. 135     Elem

Rhonda Luellen, Kindergarten     ext. 137     Elem

Kay'Lee Maddox, Third Grade     ext. 151     Elem

Billye Newell, First Grade     ext. 133     Elem

Katheryn Nunn, Second Grade     ext. 147     Elem

Lauren Phillips, Pre-K     ext. 134     Elem

Jamie Smith, Fourth Grade     ext. 150     Elem

Kimm Smith, Art     ext. 419     Elem

Susie Smith, Fourth Grade     ext. 152     Elem

Sherri Spradlin, Third Grade     ext. 153     Elem

Lisa Wall, Reading Specialist     ext. 125     Elem